The way of the drum is our connection to Mother Earth. Her prayer is that the rhythm of the drum awakens the heartbeat deep within us so we can connect to the love, nurturing, and the healing of this being, our Mother Earth. We become as one with the pulse and rhythm of her heartbeat, the heartbeat that is in all living things. In the Native American culture the drum has been called the Heartbeat of Mother Earth, awakening the senses, stirring the soul, building community and facilitating healing. We are all born with a drum – our Heartbeat.
When the sacred is removed, we lose touch of the natural. We lose touch with our natural rhythm, with each other, our Creator and ourselves. We forget that we are spiritual beings in a human experience. One tool that helps us remember that we are sacred is the drum. Making contact with a drum awakens our sacredness. When we birth forth and make a drum, magic happens and the drum becomes our teacher. Drumming is an active meditation. The drum will teach us from the moment we sit down and begin to have a relationship with it. When we open to the holiness of the drum, the tree spirit and the spirit of the deer’s medicine; magic begins to happen. The more we become present in the moment, the more the drum’s medicine begins to work.
In this Drum Birthing Workshop we will be creating a 15-inch round drum using deer hide. We will also make a drumbeater.
DEER MEDICINE: Deer medicine touches and heals our hearts. The medicine of the North: the red road and the path of the Heart. When we are healing our heartaches, heartbreaks, or opening the heart and learning to speak from the heart, drumming with deer is powerful medicine. Deer will open you to the higher truth of the intention of your heart.
The drum is feminine; its origin lies with the goddesses. When we drum, we are grounding ourselves, bringing energy from our heads down into the Earth. Drumming opens the feminine and grounds the player. As we drum, balance is created. Each drum has its own unique voice and vibration. The voice of the drum will be just what you need and will constantly change just as we constantly change. You might think that you just want to make a drum, but drum birthing goes much deeper. The drum is seeking you as much as you are seeking the drum.
When you awaken to and honor your internal rhythm through the drum, you awaken to the inner healing which manifests outwardly to heal the self, others and the planet. The drum connects us to the truth of the spirit that runs through all things. We are one voice and we are all one. Fear disconnects us; drumming dissolves fear.
Don’t miss this opportunity to bring an ancient, spiritual and healing practice into your own life. Participants will receive instruction on how to assemble their very own 15-inch Native American hand drum and beater. The process is ceremonial from start to finish in the spirit of the Cherokee Nation and truly bonds us to our drum and our own sacred rhythms. When the drum birthing is complete, we bring our drum to our hearts and give thanks to the animal that gave its hide, the tree that gave from its wood, and we ask the Great Spirit to bless our drum. Then we initiate the drum with a sacred sage smudging.


**** APRIL 27th, 2019 at Serenity Wellness Center in Sussex, NJ

!!! DEADLINE TO SIGN UP AND MAKE PAYMENT is April 18th, 2019 !!!

$200 for this Drum Birthing Workshop

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Serenity Wellness Center 22 E. Main St. Sussex, NJ : 973-875-6382


**** MAY 5th, 2019 at Yoga on the Wallkill in Montgomery, NY

!!! DEADLINE TO SIGN UP AND MAKE PAYMENT is April 25th, 2019 !!!

$250 for this Drum Birthing Workshop

PAYMENT OPTIONS: PAYPAL to SeekGodDeeply@gmail.com

Yoga on the Wallkill 100 Ward St. Montgomery, NY 12549 -- (845) 457-1117